It is our policy to promote the use of positive discipline; the process of teaching children how to behave appropriately. This system respects the rights of the individual child, the group, and the adult. Positive discipline is different from punishment. Punishment tells children what they should NOT do; positive discipline tells children what they should do. Punishment teaches fear, positive discipline teaches self-esteem.

Positive discipline may be used to intervene when necessary. Our staff will try to re-direct the child to a new activity to change the focus of the child’s behavior, provide individualized attention to help the child deal with a particular situation, and provide alternative activities and acceptable ways of releasing feelings. At times, the staff may use “time-out” by removing the child from the situation for a few moments (one minute for each year of age) so that the child can gain self-control. We will criticize a child’s behavior and not the child. We will respond to and reinforce positive behavior by acknowledging and praising it, providing reinforcement through rewards, and using encouragement and love.

At no time will any child be subjected to any type of corporal punishment, emotional punishment, neglect, abusive language, ridicule, or humiliation. Children will never be disciplined for sleep habits, toileting accidents, food consumption, or lack of participation in activities. At all times, a child’s age, emotional state, and past experiences will be considered in discipline matters.


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