February, 2015 Newsletter



In January we celebrated Christian and Eliana’s birthdays.  Olivia, Ashley, and Stasia were Miss Laura’s Star Students and made beautiful presentations!  We had winter related themes such as snow, polar animals, shapes, and mittens, all of which were enhanced with literacy, science, social studies, and math components.  Our full day students rotated between afternoon weeks of math, language, social studies, and science, with literacy activities mixed in everyday.   In February, our themes of study will be groundhogs, Valentine’s Day, dental health, and dinosaurs.  Each week there will be a new letter of the week based on our theme.


Happy Days welcomed children’s author Rachelle Burk on the 14th.  She was terrific as she involved the kids in her storytelling presentations and talked about what authors do.


Our Valentine’s celebrations will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 11th and Thursday, Feb. 12th. Ocean Pediatric Dental hygienists will be coming on Thurs., Feb. 19th and Fri. Feb. 20th to enrich our unit on dental health and to make presentations on good oral health habits and what to expect when we visit a dentist.  Sprinkles the Clown will be coming during the first week of March to help us celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday!



February tuition is now due.  Registrations for Summer Camp and Fall, 2015 Preschool are now coming home. If you register by April 1st, you will receive the 2014-2015 rates! As always, $100 awards for your referrals.


And finally, just a reminder to check every so often on our website for pictures of your kids in action and like us on Facebook.