October, 2012 Newsletter

The beginning of our new school year has gotten off to a wonderful start!  Your children have adjusted so nicely to their new routines in the classroom.  Children downstairs are learning how to find their cubbies by finding their names and pictures. Our letter of the week helps focus their letter recognition, and they are beginning to join in on our morning songs.  They are enjoying holding and sharing their Show and Tell items.  Our older students upstairs are starting to sign in, are bringing in lots of “evidence” of our letter of the week, greeting their friends during circle time, and also are learning the morning songs beautifully.

Both classes are working on different weekly themes. Letters and numbers are taught as they come up within the content.  For example, Miss Laura’s class spent time focusing on  families; so letter F was the letter of the week.  She will be having a cooking class once a week shortly.  She will read the recipe to the children as she points to each step and will draw attention to the various amounts of ingredients needed for each step; such as 2 cups of something or 1/2 bag of something.   Last week, Miss Tiffany was teaching all about the fall.  She introduced the letter “Ff” and had her little ones color and trace F’s on paper. Miss Laura’s class had fun learning about families, apples, and friendships in September. Miss Tiffany’s class concentrated on getting acquainted with school, apples, and teddy bears.  In October, our themes of study for both classes will be fire safety, monsters, leaves, pumpkins, and Halloween.  Our full day students will rotate between full afternoon weeks of math, language, social studies, and science.  Literacy activities are mixed in everyday.

Children’s author Joy Zomerdyke was here last week to share her book “Teddy Bear is for Bear”.  She brought her teddy bear to help her read the story and then gave the kids little teddy bears to take home. The Fire Department is coming this week to demonstrate fire safety skills.  We will also get to see  real fire trucks and their many compartments!

We look forward to having you join us on Thursday, October 4th for our Back to School Night. (6:30-7:00 for Miss Tiffany and 7:00-7:30 for Miss Laura)  On Wednesday, October 31st we will be inviting you to celebrate Halloween with us.  More information about our party will be sent home soon.  Sign up sheets will be out for our December parent/teacher conferences at our Back to School Night. Our next pizza session begins on Tuesday, October 9th.  Our first Friday Night Babysitting evening is October 12th.

Please remember that tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  After the 5th of the month there will be a $10 late charge added on. If you ever need to leave your child past your pick up time or earlier than your drop off time, please call the school.  The charge is $8/hr ($2 for every 15 mins). Also, it would be very helpful to have your child’s items labeled (lunch boxes, change of clothes, jackets, etc.). Please also be on time for your child’s pick up.

And finally, just a reminder to check every so often on our website,, for pictures of your kids in action.  We very much appreciate your referrals and give $100 referral awards.