March, 2012 Newsletter


We welcome Patrick, Danielle, and Jake to our Happy Days family this month!


We celebrated Valentine’s Day in a big way on the 13th and 14th.  Thank you to the parents who sent in cupcakes and treats home for the kids.  All of the kids just loved making special Valentine’s holders and then getting turns to distribute their goodies to all of their friends.  We had two wonderful guest presentations in February.  Jack’s dad came in and showed us his special coin collection when we were studying the presidents and collecting coins for charity.  He taught us some new coin collecting vocabulary and encouraged us to get involved with this hobby.  Then Tessa’s sister Ally, who has diabetes, came in with Tessa’s mom to talk to us about diabetes and how it affects her life.  Tessa’s mom read us a story about Diabetes.  When we were finished collecting, cleaning, counting, and sorting our coins, we donated them to the American Diabetes Association.


In February, Miss Laura and Miss Tiffany’s classes studied groundhogs, hearts, Valentine’s Day/Family, and Presidents.   We also had a great week of celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday! Each day we focused on a different Dr. Seuss book and had so much fun doing various language arts, math, social studies, and science activities dealing with the themes of each of the books.  In Miss Laura’s class, we made our own family trees (displaying in our classroom) and answered questionnaires about our families.  We were assigned a Dr. Seuss book report and shared them with the class.  Mya, Lillie, and Alex were our Star Students.  We celebrated Matthew and Gabriel’s birthdays.  We learned the letters G, H, and D. Some of Miss Tiffany’s kids are writing their names so nicely now. We are all becoming much more independent!  We celebrated Zavion’s birthday.  We learned the letters R, C, and X.  In the afternoons, Miss Tiffany led us in units on the post office, a social studies and math unit on our community, a unit based on the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill, and math with Chicken Little.


In March, our themes of study will be rainbows and colors, St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland, spring, and lions and lambs.  In the afternoons, we will be learning all about sight and sound, ponds, gardens, and the rain and wind.


Reminders/Other Announcements:

-Our spring fundraising orders are due back this week.  I have a musical concert, Baze, booked for Wednesday, March 28th to be paid for by the proceeds of this fundraiser.  All students are welcome from 10:00 to 11:00 that day!

-Our next Friday Night Babysitting is next Friday, March 9th.  There are a couple of spots left if you are interested.

-School picture day will be Wednesday, April 19th at 9:30 for all students.  Please bring your child at that time even if it is not your day.

-Please remember that tuition is due on the 1st of the month.  If payment comes in anytime after the 5th, the $10 late fee should be added to your check.


-Summer camp and 2012-2013 preschool registration forms have been distributed.  There is no registration fee for camp and a $55 registration fee for the fall due with the forms.